Mission Statement

We believe the Lord is calling Amanda and I to minister to broken young men and their families. We sold Grace Myofascial Clinic last October and have been preparing to launch a Christ-centered addiction ministry at our farm. This past November 29th marked 6 years of sobriety from a serious alcohol problem rooted in a serious sin problem, for me personally. The last 4 of those 6 years, I have labored, working with men in my spare time who are battling these and other addictions. The options for a Christ-centered, long term, treatment center that also has embraced Step Work were close to non-existent. I’ve seen young men die from suicide and overdose, I have seen families shattered: But I have also seen complete life change and marital reconciliation through the Step Process and a living Christian example lived on our farm. There is a serious need, and the Lord has led me to open a serious solution-The Regenerative Center. 

The Regenerative Center at 7Cedars Farm will serve as a long term, residential, secondary treatment facility(post detox and normally day 31 forward) for men  battling addiction/s. We are a Christ-centered, 12 step based, sustainable farm/ministry that uses man’s God-given first occupation of gardening/shepherding to heal broken men and raise healthy vegetables and proteins. The proceeds from our labors support the ministry’s present and future needs. Neither these men nor their families are charged any fee for these services. We will labor as a Christian brotherhood for 2/3 of our day, and work 12 steps and learn the Word of God in the other 1/3 of the day in the summer, opposite that in the winter. We will allow men who are stable on an MAT(medical assisted treatment) protocol, provided they can physically assist the “community of men” as we will be growing our food, in some capacity. 

TRC will focus on men ages 18-28 due mainly to the physicality of the “work, learn, and grow in connection” program design. Older men who are in adequate physical condition, will absolutely be considered. We will have 12 men maximum and there will be a couple daily duty routines that could be handled by older men(like me!). 🙂 

TRC @ 7Cedars Farm has been approved as a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity. Our board of trustees and myself would like to invite you to make a contribution to the buildout and planting of this much needed ministry. We need around $600,000 dollars to be fully funded for year one. Year 2 we will need about half that amount, by year 3 the ministry should be 90% self supporting. Any and every amount is appreciated and will be stewarded with care. We also will need construction/labor help, many equipment needs, lodging needs, farm equipment needs, etc. There are many ways of many differing financial commitments to help support this ministry. 

For more information and/or to schedule a farm tour, power point presentation and/or Q&A, call John at 601-503-0282. I can present to one or to entire board room.